New house!

I have a totally good excuse for my complete lack of blog activity over the past week.
This is the view from the front porch of our new house in Pierre.
We closed on our house at the very end of May, and my parents drove out with Cleo.

The prodigal cat returns! She is trying out every windowsill in the house until she finds the one with the best view of the birds and bunnies.
Right now, the house is full of boxes and we're still unpacking, but here are some highlights:
There are three stained glass windows like this.
This is part of the stained glass window in the living room.
There is a claw-foot tub in the downstairs bathroom. My two claw-foot end tables look really good in the house too.
This is the back porch. We're going to wash and stain it sometime in the near future.

This is the view out the back door. The white building to the right of the sidewalk is our two car garage. I've never had a garage before.

Mom and I have done a lot of re-screening. It was the first of many projects.

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