April recap

Weasley continued to be adorable.

Cleo maintained her position as the resident grumpy loaf of plumpernickle.

Surprise. I drove a lot.

I could not resist the Lands End flamingo sweater.

Josh made sure we documented the crazy faces on the bench at the local Mexican restaurant.

Weasley loafed in just the right spot to get beamed by a rainbow from the stained glass window.

He's also a fan of the Superman loaf. Dude is going to be a big cat.

I ogled fluffy chicks that I cannot have, thanks to a certain city commission.

Mom is teaching me how to quilt and Weasley critiqued our fabric choices.

I got an office on campus!

The bulbs we planted in the fall came up! Spring actually happened!

More snoozing.

I turned this cross-stitch project into a pillow for Tracy.

Josh solved the Swiss puzzles that I brought back for him.


Time warp: October edition

We bought some new furniture while my parents were visiting. Cleo supervised while Dad put this table together. Mom and I were working on the chairs.
Ta da! Another surface on which to display glass fruit.
Weasley stole my fork and then started playing with it. Compared to what he's up to now, this is practically level 0.
Things we learned: no more leaving boxes lying around that contain packing peanuts.
This is/was another one of Weasley's favorite tricks. He hasn't scaled the towel rack recently because I think he realizes that it won't support his weight.
Cleo will begrudgingly share the bed with Weasley. She will put up with almost anything if it means she gets to sleep on that blue blanket.
Another basket! This fall was the first time I had persimmons, thanks to Bountiful Baskets. They were delicious.
Josh likes to make sure I know which eggs were hard boiled.
Weasley liked to cuddle/bite Devo.
Possibly the only picture in existence of all three of my cats. Of course, food was involved. Cleo wouldn't be there otherwise.
Weasley was a big fan of cuddling with Devo.
Devo really was the best worst cat. I only had him for 6 years, but in that time he managed to leave his mark in the form of bitten fingers, excessive puking, poo in my shoes to send a message, Sunday afternoon lap cuddles, basking in the brightest sunbeam until fully roasted, chasing Cleo, tripping us, forgetting where his butt was in relation to the litter box, being Mr. Fangorius, being an excellent cross-country road-trip buddy, always being underfoot in the kitchen, and mostly looking far more grumpy than he really was. 


I swear we're still alive

Weasley is checking out the gout stool I found on Etsy. Jaime bought one in VA and I decided that I also needed an antique foot stool in my life.

Speaking of Weasley, he is not tiny anymore! He's not full-size yet, probably closer to 2/3 regular cat size. It must be all those kibbles we keep feeding him. Also, he can jump about 5 ft straight up from just sitting. Nothing is safe.

One bonus of the really short days is that I can catch some really nice sunsets when I'm leaving work. I took this picture last week, and since then most of the snow has melted. Josh says winter is resetting.

Weasley is also a fan of the bathroom. His greatest wish is to figure out how to open the toilet lid so that he can play in his own kitten-sized pool. Yeah, we keep all of the lids shut all of the time.

Cleo does tolerate the kitten. They don't exactly cuddle, but they have been caught in close proximity. It's hard to resist fleecy postal clothes.

This picture of Weasley cracks me up. Josh and I were playing Carcassonne and I looked over my shoulder and saw this - Weasley doing the cat creeper stare.
Anyway, I promise to post more! I have loads of pictures from the fall and winter that haven't made it into an entry yet, plus a very belated holiday update.


Time warp: November edition

Weasley is still adorable. When he is not running around like a maniac, he enjoys sleeping on the sofa or one of the many beds upstairs.

Cleo is still plump and this picture amuses me. Those boxes are still not unpacked and Cleo is going to be really grumpy when I finally get around to seeing what's in them (the labels say 'knick knacks' hence why they're still not open).

It snowed a little bit, and didn't last long. This was obviously before I'd finished cleaning up the container gardens for the season. I've since taken care of those and stashed the pots in the garage for next year.

Another shot of the snow, and some of the leaves were still on the trees. Those have since fallen, and I've raked everything into an impressive leaf pile behind the swing set.

This is not my cat. I went to Austin TX for the annual ESA meeting and got to hang out with Brooke, Christian and their cats. I'd heard so much about Donny and Zoey that I definitely wanted to meet them before I left.

This is my cat. Cleo is enjoying the new cat tree that lives in Josh's office. She is especially fond of the cat hut on the third level.

Kerry sent us delicious Swiss chocolate!

Weasley on the little table in the kitchen. It's a good thing he's cute.

More cat hut, this time with Weasley.

The dining room is finished!

When my parents were here in September, they finished painting the dining room for us. I finally made a decision about what kind of rug to get for under the table (Flor carpet tiles in grey Mod Cow), and we put the room back together.

There are only two chairs at the table, because if we put the rest of them there Cleo and Weasley have too many ways of getting onto the table while we're eating. They have terrible manners.


Kitten updates!

Weasley was cleared for integration into the regular population back in early September, and he's been terrorizing Devo and Cleo ever since.

One of his first meetings with Devo, while he was still in bathroom quarantine.

We let him have extended play time in Josh's man-cave when we got home from work. Turns out, Weasley loved attacking socks.

Weasley discovered the joys of sleeping on the sofa.

Cat TV!

Devo is a good pillow when he's not being bitten.

Cat TV again. This is from the end of September and you can see how much bigger he's gotten.

'What? No, I was not just biting his face.'

Weasley stole my fork.

And finally, getting into some packing peanuts.