April recap

Weasley continued to be adorable.

Cleo maintained her position as the resident grumpy loaf of plumpernickle.

Surprise. I drove a lot.

I could not resist the Lands End flamingo sweater.

Josh made sure we documented the crazy faces on the bench at the local Mexican restaurant.

Weasley loafed in just the right spot to get beamed by a rainbow from the stained glass window.

He's also a fan of the Superman loaf. Dude is going to be a big cat.

I ogled fluffy chicks that I cannot have, thanks to a certain city commission.

Mom is teaching me how to quilt and Weasley critiqued our fabric choices.

I got an office on campus!

The bulbs we planted in the fall came up! Spring actually happened!

More snoozing.

I turned this cross-stitch project into a pillow for Tracy.

Josh solved the Swiss puzzles that I brought back for him.

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