Time warp: October edition

We bought some new furniture while my parents were visiting. Cleo supervised while Dad put this table together. Mom and I were working on the chairs.
Ta da! Another surface on which to display glass fruit.
Weasley stole my fork and then started playing with it. Compared to what he's up to now, this is practically level 0.
Things we learned: no more leaving boxes lying around that contain packing peanuts.
This is/was another one of Weasley's favorite tricks. He hasn't scaled the towel rack recently because I think he realizes that it won't support his weight.
Cleo will begrudgingly share the bed with Weasley. She will put up with almost anything if it means she gets to sleep on that blue blanket.
Another basket! This fall was the first time I had persimmons, thanks to Bountiful Baskets. They were delicious.
Josh likes to make sure I know which eggs were hard boiled.
Weasley liked to cuddle/bite Devo.
Possibly the only picture in existence of all three of my cats. Of course, food was involved. Cleo wouldn't be there otherwise.
Weasley was a big fan of cuddling with Devo.
Devo really was the best worst cat. I only had him for 6 years, but in that time he managed to leave his mark in the form of bitten fingers, excessive puking, poo in my shoes to send a message, Sunday afternoon lap cuddles, basking in the brightest sunbeam until fully roasted, chasing Cleo, tripping us, forgetting where his butt was in relation to the litter box, being Mr. Fangorius, being an excellent cross-country road-trip buddy, always being underfoot in the kitchen, and mostly looking far more grumpy than he really was. 

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