I swear we're still alive

Weasley is checking out the gout stool I found on Etsy. Jaime bought one in VA and I decided that I also needed an antique foot stool in my life.

Speaking of Weasley, he is not tiny anymore! He's not full-size yet, probably closer to 2/3 regular cat size. It must be all those kibbles we keep feeding him. Also, he can jump about 5 ft straight up from just sitting. Nothing is safe.

One bonus of the really short days is that I can catch some really nice sunsets when I'm leaving work. I took this picture last week, and since then most of the snow has melted. Josh says winter is resetting.

Weasley is also a fan of the bathroom. His greatest wish is to figure out how to open the toilet lid so that he can play in his own kitten-sized pool. Yeah, we keep all of the lids shut all of the time.

Cleo does tolerate the kitten. They don't exactly cuddle, but they have been caught in close proximity. It's hard to resist fleecy postal clothes.

This picture of Weasley cracks me up. Josh and I were playing Carcassonne and I looked over my shoulder and saw this - Weasley doing the cat creeper stare.
Anyway, I promise to post more! I have loads of pictures from the fall and winter that haven't made it into an entry yet, plus a very belated holiday update.


  1. Why don't our cat and kitten tolerate each other???

    1. Weasley wants to play. All. The. Time. Cleo forgot that she was once a ball of fluffy energy, and these days would rather bask in the sun or sleep on one of the many still-packed boxes. She has made a ton of progress in the putting up with Weasley front, but it might be a while before she admits to liking her new little brother.