Basket #3

This week the baskets in Pierre were claimed in record time (and there's only one site), so we went to Hayes for our inordinate amount of produce. The Hayes pick-up is at 7 AM and it's about a 30 minute drive from Pierre, so we went on an early-for-a-Saturday morning jaunt.
Something is moving quickly here and it isn't the cows.

Our haul this week includes bananas (which better get ripe, unlike the last bunch), mangoes, a gigantic yam, lettuce, cauliflower, tomatoes, butternut squash (at least they're small), corn, fava beans, honeydew, and apricots. There was an Italian veggie add-on that contained the eggplant, mushrooms, tiny zucchini (which is the best kind of zucchini), garlic, lemon, and fresh oregano and basil.

A quick story on the bananas - they are notorious for taking forever to get ripe. Our first basket had a decent bunch, but the bananas from the second batch would not ripen up no matter how many apples I put next to them. This happens to a lot of Bountiful Basket bananas, and there were many posts on the website about making banana fries. It seems easy - cut up the bananas, coat with olive oil, roast, banana fries! We tried it, and they were terrible. Maybe our bananas weren't green enough or something, but that is one recipe I have no desire to repeat.

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