New game!

Josh got me Ticket to Ride for my birthday. You should visit us so we can play it with more than two people. This is one of the few German-style board games that I really enjoy. The rules are clear, quick to learn, and there is a decent element of chance that helps to level the playing field. There is also an episode of TableTop that is a very fun way to learn the basics.

We had our home inspection yesterday, so we're moving forward with the whole home buying thing. There is some wallpaper in the parlor (there's a parlor!) that has got to go, and some mauve paint that I will not be able to live with (I spent enough years with shades of maroon and mauve already). Those are just cosmetic changes, and the bones of the house are good. The stained glass windows are probably my favorite thing. I'll be able to post photos once we close.

Until then, a bonus picture of Devo being  an adorable sleepy sofa bison:

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