It snowed a decent amount between yesterday and today (~6-8 inches plus drifting). Enough that we actually saw the snow tractors out at about. Enough that driving into work was tricky, not only because of the snow on the roads, but because of the 3-4 ft snow wall where the double yellow should be. My car is pretty ok in the snow, but I don't have the ground clearance required to bust through that kind of pile. I had to get to work today making as few left-hand turns as possible.

We're quickly learning that it is hard to predict from the weather forecasts and radar just how much snow we'll get in Pierre. You see, the closest radar station is an Aberdeen. We're kind of in a weather radar dead zone.

The timing of this snow seems somewhat cruel, but most people in town are happy to see it. Snow = precipitation which is something this part of the country has not seen enough of in the last year.

Snow on Tuesday.
Snow on Wednesday.
I'm so glad we're buying a house with a 2 car garage.
Tear down that wall! That's one of the snow tractors with the snowblower attachment filling up a truck. They plow the road and then eventually come back for the middle bit.
Devo not looking like a scruffy sofa bison.

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