Leaving on a tiny plane...

I flew to Chicago this week for a one-day meeting. This meant that I got to experience the Pierre airport for the first time, and it is smaller than SCE. They don't let you go through security until your flight is called, and the planes are tiny. Like 2 seats across, propellers, if there aren't enough people we have to rearrange the seat assignments to balance the plane tiny. On the trip back when the co-pilot was going over the pre-flight instructions he asked us to keep our seat belts on for the whole trip because, really, where were we going to go? There's no bathroom.

Anyway, I did make it to Chicago and the meeting was at the Doubletree. It was a fancy hotel and I had a nice view of the Hilton which was probably even fancier.

I think it's a rule that the fancier hotel, the more expensive the internet is and there is never a mini-fridge.

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