Sioux Falls

We visited Sioux Falls last Sunday so I could give a talk about pollinator gardening at a Master Gardener event. On the way out, we saw a lot of geese. I think there were some snow geese mixed in with the Canada Geese.
The white dots are geese. We passed quite a few flocks stopping in the fields before they headed north.
There were also tumbleweeds. I'm not sure if they're official tumbleweeds, or just some other plant that does about the same thing, but Josh managed to hit one with the car.

Dead tumbleweed.
After my talk, we stopped at the mall and had a late lunch at the food court Culver's. I'm not sure if I mentioned Culver's before, but we discovered them on our trip out. They have fried cheese curds and frozen custard and are generally delicious.

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  1. Be careful. I'm pretty sure that fried cheese curds are a gateway drug. <3 Meg