Scouting out the neighborhood

Since it's light out here until a little past 8 PM, we've been going on walks after dinner to get better acquainted with our neighborhood (and check out the ice cream stand that just opened for the season). I had this afternoon off because of the holiday, so we went to check out Capital Lake and see how the geese were doing.

Most of the geese headed north, but there are still some flocks coming through and hanging out.
However, there are more seagulls. These are seriously the cleanest seagulls I've ever seen. It must be because it's the start of the season and they haven't had a chance to get all scruffy. I love menacing seagulls.
Historical marker lit up by the sunset.
I love how the older buildings have the street names built into them.
You can't hear it, but this tree was full of noisy little birds. They were well hidden, so I didn't get a chance to figure out what they were.
I should probably also mention that we're officially buying a house. We're lining up the home inspection and bank appraisal since our offer was accepted by the seller. There will be guest rooms and a claw foot tub.

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