Close up of the Missouri River

Yesterday, Josh and I took advantage of the sunny, warm weather to see the Missouri River from Steamboat Park and La Framboise Island Park.
I think this is looking south from the crossing to La Framboise Island.

There's a really nice boardwalk set up and there were actually quite a few people out fishing from it. I don't know what type of fish they were hoping to catch.

Looking north at the bridge that connects Pierre and Fort Pierre. You can also see how low the water is.  We were standing at the top of the boat launch and you're not going to get anything bigger than a canoe in the water right now.

Naked trees on the island. The island is probably the largest area of forest in Pierre and it'll be really nice to see once the trees leaf out.

This is a rogue colony of Canada Geese. There are factions that break off from the capitol lake and cavort around town. Sometimes this group invades the parking lot of my office building.

The Capitol Building.

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