Josh was in charge of the majority of the moving logistics. He got the quotes, picked a company, bought boxes and packing supplies, did most of the packing, and spent a week in PA finishing the packing, supervising the movers, and then drove out to South Dakota with his car and Devo. He is the best.

The moving company was pretty awesome and our driver was amazing. They made it out here in what seemed like record time, and I came home from work one Thursday to find our furniture and all of our boxes approximately where we wanted them.

Before our stuff arrived, I was essentially camping in the apartment. I slept on an air mattress, used an empty box for a table, and sat on the floor since the bag chairs did not make the cut for the first trip out. We did pack the important things, like the PS2 so I could play Katamari while Josh was in PA and I was sans internet.

Also note the Harry Potter paperbacks. Those made the cut because I needed something to read.

Consider all of this the 'before' shots. I'll have some 'after' pictures of the living room soon. Almost everything is where we want it and Josh is no longer stuck between the sofa and a box wall.

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