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Getting a driver's license is a process. Here's how to make it happen in Pierre:

Step 1: Locate two pieces of mail with your new address, the appropriate identifying documents, and your checkbook.
Step 2: Look up the address for the DMV. Note that it is only open 2 days out of the week.
Step 3: Drive to the alleged location of said DMV. Do at least 2 u-turns and loop the block before you find it. Here is a handy map in case you need to find it too:
DMV location is circled. Arrows indicate single-lane alleys that usually go through the parking area of another business that you can use to access the parking area.

Step 4: Park. If you're lucky enough to find a spot.
Step 5: Enter. Fill out the application form. Wait 45 minutes. There are only 2 clerks, but I must say, they were the friendliest DMV clerks I've ever encountered.
Step 6: To pass the time, people watch. While we were waiting for our turn, there was a guy at the counter getting his new SD license. He decided that this would be a great time to change his signature, and by 'change his signature' I mean he drew a lizard/dragon thing on the signature pad and thought that would be good. It wasn't. Hilarity ensued.
Step 7: Your number is called! Approach the counter and when the clerk sees that you too are getting a new license from out of state, assure her that you are not going to draw a dragon on the signature pad.
Step 8: Your husband is being helped by Clerk #2, who comments on how interesting it is that there's another person from PA getting a new license. Casually mention that he is, indeed, your husband, so it's not too surprising.
Step 9: Congratulations! You now have a SD license with an appropriate signature!

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