More adventures from last weekend

The weather was delightful last weekend, and we got out to check out one of the park trails in town.
It runs from the Capital area to one of the newer housing developments
As you can see, we really don't have that much snow on the ground. We did get some last week, but it's melted again. So far this is not the barren winter wasteland that everyone's been warning us about!
Obligatory Canada Geese shot, only this time I got them in flight!
I think this place will be pretty cool once spring arrives. I'm looking forward to seeing the prairie wildflowers that people keep telling me about.
Here's the view from the last hill. There's a small bridge over the pond and the path is paved. It's a really nice trail and I'm looking forward to dusting off my bike and trying it out on some of the flat stretches.
Another shot of the hills. This park is up in the river bluffs.

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