The library

We successfully obtained library cards! The card application required the name and address of a local who didn't live in our apartment, so I put down my office address and phone number. I thought this was a strange requirement and was especially awkward for us since we're new in town. Has anyone else run into this in other parts of the country?

I kind of love how the library uses barcodes and the more retro due date card taped to the inside of each book. The next time I'm there I should check the copies of 'Twilight' to see how many times they've been checked out. Or not. It might be depressing.


  1. In order to get a library card here, i had to prove that I lived within city limits and mail wouldn't suffice. It HAD to be a drivers license, but I was allowed to keep my membership when I moved out of this city... illogical yes, free yes. :)

  2. I mean Twilight is a pretty good book... just kidding. I've never actually read it though so I don't have any facts. But seriously, I always knew they had up to date technology in South Dakota, it's the world's hot spot for science and technology. HAHA, I crack myself up. Can you guess who this is? I'll give you a clue, My name starts with All and ends with -ison. Get it? Hehe. Also did you know that Mrs. Beamer got another fish and it's blue. It's name is Indie. She also got a anemone for the Nemo one. Except It's a girl and it's name is gizmo, I usually call it Nemo though.

  3. So anyway (English class ended and I had to get off)the anemone is like adorable and Nemo goes in it and rubs around so it can get used to the stings. It's so cute! And now there are some hermit crabs and shrimp-thingys. SO anyway that's an update on 7th period biology class. :) Also Mrs. Beamer requires more out of us than you did and I don not appreciate it.
    Okay, BYEEEEEE